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Hello, We Are The McKibbeys

The Mckibbeys are a family of three who love to travel and be out in nature. They're hobbies include backpacking, hiking, snowboarding, exploring new places, and photography/videography. Luke and Erin met in 2011 and quickly began exploring the great outdoors together. They married in 2017 and Autumn was born in December of 2019. 

They love capturing their many adventures through photos and videos so they may look back on them as well as share them with family and friends. Since becoming a family of three, they have had to figure out how to adventure with a baby. They provide tips and tricks they have learned along the way here on their blog. Come along on our adventures through Instagram and YouTube. 

Green Circle
Erin McKibbey


The brains behind our videos and website. Erin loves editing and sharing our adventures with family and friends. 

Luke McKibbey


All our breathtaking photos and video shots come from this guy! He has a keen eye for finding the beauty in every shot and loves sharing them with the world.

Autumn McKibbey

Baby Girl

Adventurer in the making. Autumn has already been backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding. All before she is two years old. This girl has a bright future ahead of her.

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